About us

LieDetector.uk is an organisation specializing in professional lie detection tests. Our up-to-date equipment used by our experienced and licensed examiners will deliver you the most accurate results available. We are based in the UK and are able to deliver our services to any place in Britain. Whether you need us in Southampton in the south or Newcastle in the north is not a difficulty for us, we will arrive there, where you need us. We have possibilities of offering you a variety of examinations, both commercial as well as personal.


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Our tests consist of : pre-employment screening, relationship issues (including infidelity tests), CV and experience verification, internal company investigations, false claim examinations and many many more. Our professionals will carry out the tests you need and present you with professional and precise information and evidence. Why should you choose us? We have experience in performing such tests not only in Britain but also in other European countries.

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Our examiners are fully licensed and belong to the World’s biggest and most known polygraph associations such as BPE and APA. Our tests are available in the whole of Britain. Liverpool, London, Leeds, Newcastle or Aberdeen… your location is not a difficulty for us, we will appear there, where we are needed. Also you do not have to consider the costs of our transport since we are in possession of not only our own means of transportation but also have our offices located across the United Kingdom. For more information regarding our services please contact us via the contact form.