If you’re in need of lie detection services, chances are you’re in a life-changing situation today. You could be looking at potential employees for your company. You might have suffered theft, bribery, and fraud within your organization. Your spouse might have allegations of infidelity. During these trying times, a trusted lie detection company can save you by finding the fraudsters ruining your life.

The lie detection industry is vast, and many detective companies have sprouted throughout the UK today. Which one among them is trustworthy enough to meet your circumstances and needs? Here is how you should choose a reputable lie detection company.

Company History and Length of Practise

Finding out if someone is lying takes time, practise, and lots of effort. Thus, lie detection services are better if they are conducted by a company that’s already been a game player for several years.

Company reputation is a main factor to consider in hiring a lie detection firm. Look for the lie detection company’s length of service first before jumping in to their offers. A reputable company should have years of experience in polygraph testing and other lie detection practices. It should include a roster of professionally trained investigators that can conduct tests properly and provide impartial results.

It doesn’t mean that new firms aren’t that helpful, though. You may also book a younger lie detection company if it has certified and reputable examiners and if they have successfully helped satisfied clients from the time the company is established.

Number of Clients Helped

Reputable lie detection companies have ideally served a lot of clients locally throughout their years of service. These companies have handled several cases filed by people within its area. But the competition isn’t just about the numbers, it’s also about the success rates of these cases and the satisfaction rate of previous customers who hired their services.

The more satisfied customers they have, the better your assurance that they can really provide excellent services for your lie detection needs.
Examiner Credentials

There are only a few accredited polygraph examiners in the country. These examiners have trained extensively in polygraph studies and have passed stringent credential examinations given by either of the following credential associations:

American Polygraph Association
British & European Polygraph Association
British Polygraph Association

Check the profiles of your chosen company’s lie detection examiners and ensure that they’re accredited professionals. Trained examiners always put integrity, customer privacy, and professionalism in high regard. You’ll get peace of mind knowing that your examiner is well-trained, has integrity, and has dedication to find out only the truth at all times.
Male and Female Examiners

There will be times when a case must call for examiners of a certain gender to ensure better results. Impartial lie detection test firms should have both male and female test examiners ready to cater to the specific needs of every customer.
Quality Tests Controlled by Professionals

Your chosen company should know polygraph testing like the back of their hands. They must be able to offer high-quality, up-to-date polygraph tests using the latest innovations in polygraph science. These tests must be carefully conducted and controlled by professionally-trained and certified examiners in order to yield fruitful results. The test must also be confidential to protect your case and your privacy.

Competitive yet Affordable Prices

Polygraph testing conducted by trained professionals is costly. But it will give your money’s worth if you choose a good firm to conduct the test. Most firms offer varying rates, but the most common rates for lie detection services are fixed and generally play at around £450 and above.
Examiner Should Talk to You, and Not an Agent

Phone the company you wish to hire. Ideally, an examiner should be the one to talk to you. Some lie detector companies actually have agencies that redirect you to agents instead of real examiners. Don’t be fooled by such firms. You should be given to an examiner straight away, so that you may talk about your concerns right even from your first call.

Convenient Offices

After phoning the company, pay a visit to their physical office. The office must be conveniently located to accommodate your home or workplace location and schedules. It’s better if you get a company offering services on weekends to help you despite your busy work week.

In a Nutshell

Choosing a good lie detection company requires a lot of research. You must have your polygraph testing done by a company who has delivered satisfying results to other clients, employs quality examiners, accredited by official organisations, and treats your case with utmost concern for the truth.