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June 12, 2017 lie detector 0

During a recruitment process finding the perfect candidate is not the only task the employer must fulfil. Finding the right person is only half of the job done. To be absolutely sure, that the person you want to employ is worth of being offered the post it is wise to make sure that the declarations he or she has made are actually true. The basics is to verify if the candidate is honest with you. This can be achieved by a verification of the declared experience or qualifications. Not only does this give you the possibility to gain vital information about your future worker but also ensures you that the person standing in front of you is truthful and worth not only your trust but also the offered position. gives you this possibility by using our up-to-date polygraph equipment in combination with our experienced and professional examiners. Together with our team, you will be able to perform a full verification process. Our test will discover any CV frauds and protect your company from foul workers. The consequences of giving a job to a person which does not have the appropriate experience may prove to have tragic results for your company. A person which receives a job on the basis of false information presented in his or her CV, will sooner or later be discovered by you. You will be then forced not only to end your cooperation with that person but also will have to start a new recruitment process in order to find a new employee in the place of the fraud. Another aspect is that letting a liar and a fraud enter your staff may later cause the occurrence of theft or fraud caused by the very same person. That can then lead to a dramatic loss of team morale of your staff. But all of this may be avoided through the usage of our professional lie detector exam. Our examiners will help you find the right employee and will assist you in eliminating any false applications. The test offered by the gives you a full view on the authenticity of your applicants and through providing precise evidence gives you additional arguments to make your right decision. Do not risk your company’s future by hiring persons without verification. Contact us to receive additional information about our CV, qualifications and experience verification tests.