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Q : What is the accuracy of a polygraph test?
A : Using a polygraph is a very accurate way of gaining information. But this device is not infallible. Many studies have been made about this matter. The more advanced the equipment is, the more accurate the test result will be. The accuracy of a test is now expected to be between 65% and 95%. This has always raised controversy because of the lower level of this statistic. The truth is that a level of 65% is caused when using an out-dated device. It is said that today’s modern polygraphs are capable of even reaching a 98% effectiveness rate.
Q: Is a “polygraph” the same as a “lie detector”?
A: Yes. A polygraph is commonly known as a “lie detector” although the version closer to the truth would be to call the polygraph a “truth verifier”.
Q: I am innocent but nervous before taking the polygraph test. Can my stress lead to results suggesting that I am guilty?
A: It is absolutely normal for an innocent person to be nervous before being examined with a polygraph test. But you have nothing to be afraid of. A professional examiner can easily identify stress connected with interrogation and distinguish it from stress caused by lying. The polygraph does not record stress coming from a stressful situation, it only discovers stress connected with lying which appears on the result sheet in a unique way.
Q: How long does a polygraph test last?
A: This may depend on the complexity of the case. Although a typical test in total takes from two to three hours.
Q: Is it possible to perform a polygraph test in a different languages?
A: Yes. Our examiners are not only certified to examine in English but also in French, German, Spanish or Polish.
Q: How should I prepare for a polygraph test?
A: The most important part is to get a good night sleep during the night before the examination. This gives you a fresh mind and allows you to approach the test with better focus. Don’t forget to bring any kind of photo ID with you. It can be your driving license, passport or just the standard ID card.
Q: How should I dress for a polygraph test?
A: A well received dress code is business casual, but make sure that the clothing you are wearing is comfortable.
Q: If somebody is under age, can they take a polygraph test?
A: Yes on the condition that the examiner receives a written consent from the parent or the guardian of the person to be questioned.
Q: What requirements does the examiner have to meet to be able to perform a polygraph test?
A: To be able to legally perform a polygraph test, each examiner must be professionally trained and licensed. A person without the appropriate qualifications has no legal right to question you with the use of a lie detector.
Q: Will I know the questions before taking the test?
A: This depends on the examiner, the complexity of the case, the role which you are playing in the case (whether you’re a suspect or a witness). Some situations allow the person questioned to prepare oneself by reading the questions which will be asked.
Q: Where does a polygraph take place?
A: LieDetector.uk offers tests across the United Kingdom. You choose the place you want to take the test at and we will arrive there.
Q: What is the cost of a polygraph test?
A: The cost of each polygraph test is established individually with each client.
Q: Can somebody make me take a polygraph test?
A: No. It is against the law to make somebody take a polygraph test. Such examination can only be performed with your clear consent.
Q: Is the examiner the only person present in the room while I am interrogated?
A: There is no rule, but usually the examiner is the only person you will have to face during a polygraph test. You must know though, that you may be observed from outside the room.
Q: Can a polygraph test be used as evidence in court?
A: The British Law does not allow the usage of polygraphs in court during criminal cases. But in certain situations it is possible to use the polygraph test results as helping aids in civil cases.
Q: Can medicine or drugs affect the result of the test?
A: Yes. Persons which take the test are advised not take any medicine at least 24 hours before the beginning of the test?
Q: Can a polygraph be beaten?
A: It is practically impossible for a normal person to beat the polygraph. Examiners are know aware of methods used to trick polygraph results and have a large knowledge of how to discover such actions in the polygraph results.

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