The polygraph is not only widely used by companies but also by private persons. Knowing when and where to use a polygraph is an absolute must-do for anyone who is seeking the truth. As it is publicly known people lie a lot, let us be honest, we lie all the time. Some are very talented liars and while doing it, they hardly give any signs which could make it possible to identify a fraud. Others have very visible signs which clearly suggest that the things that we are being told are not particularly true. That is why a lie detector can prove to be so useful. A professional polygraph accurately monitors reactions of the subjects body to certain questions asked and gives good foundations for the examiner to determine whether the person questioned is lying or not. Below are listed a couple of cases in which a polygraph should be used:

Pre-employment screening

It is very often that companies use polygraphs in order to screen their future employees, especially if their work is to consist of working with classified or sensitive information. Using a lie detector during a recruitment process can re-assure you that the person you want to hire is worth your trust. It can also warn you in situations when a person may be a risk to your business.

Fraud of theft investigations

When faced with an encounter of serious fraud or theft within a company, it is common for the management to perform an investigation. This often is supported with the use of a polygraph. The so-called “lie detector” helps verify the statements of suspects as also gives vital information about the company’s employees.

Monitoring sex offender

Polygraphs are now widely known to be one of the basic tools used to test sex offenders at the end of their sentence or during their probation. Test a convict with a lie detector has many positive aspects. One of the main tasks of such an exam is to verify whether such a person is ready to return to a normal life, without the risk that he or she will commit a similar crime. Polygraphs are also used to check if a convict is complying with the rules and regulations given during probation.

Bank employee control

Some banks use the polygraph in order to verify the truthfulness and honesty of their workers. It is well known that some employees have access to very big amounts of money. That is why banks take the highest caution in order to make sure that the persons given access to highest security locations are not a threat to the well being of funds deposited in the given bank.

Relationship troubles

Every relationship has a time of crisis. People make different mistakes which lead to all kinds of consequences. Some are extremely serious and cause whole relationships to end while others are of a smaller importance and let the relationship go on. When a time comes when one of the partners suspects the other of keeping vital information hidden a conflict arises quickly. One of the ways to identify and fight the problem is by using a polygraph. The lie detector is a professional way of finding out who is the one lying.

False claims

Whenever you are accused of doing or saying something, your basic right is to defend yourself. But in some situations it is extremely difficult to defend yourself if one does not have the appropriate evidence. One of the best ways to achieve such is to undertake a polygraph test. This method has already proved to be very accurate and is used all over the World. Taking part in a lie detector exam is one of the most modern ways of gaining in precise evidence which can easily lead to a full and rightful denial to given suspicions.

Civil cases

In some situations, especially when there is not enough evidence in a certain civil case, the UK law allows the use of a polygraph. The results received may be partly used for proving ones innocence.

Family problems

If you think your child is lying to you or that your family members are not being honest with you or are stealing from you or your business then you have to act fast. One of the common ways of finding out the truth facing this big family issue, is to perform the polygraph test on your family members. At first this may seem to be a bit strange and awkward but at the end of the day, precise results are given which lead you and your family to re-uniting.



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