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June 12, 2017 lie detector 0

One of the most popular questions refers to the cost of a lie detecting examination. Most agencies do not have a fixed price-list due to the fact that each case is different. Some cases are more complex than others, others need more preparation or a special approach therefore it is impossible to establish a fixed rate for a polygraph test. Our services provide fully certified and experienced specialists and can be undertaken at any location. Every case is treated individually and that is why we determine a separate cost for each examination. Read more…
The cost of each test is influenced by many factors. Some cases will prove to be simple and will be finished relatively quickly while others will need more time and work for them to be completed. The complexity of each investigation is one of the main issues which decides about the final sum needed to pay for the procedure. Each investigation requires good preparation and it is understandable that complicated situations take more time and work in order to be fully handled. It is then logical that difficult cases have a higher cost than simple tasks. Also the complexity of the case can decide on how many actual examinations need to take place. This also highly influences the required costs.

Another vital element is the location of the lie detector test. Our services are available throughout the UK. Our clients have the possibility of indicating the location at where they want to undertake the test. Although we offer mobility, our experience has taught us that it is best to organize a test in a place which is emotionally neutral for the person questioned. Having a test undertaken at home can cause certain emotional reactions which can influence the result of the test. The same happens when a test is taken in an office – this causes additional stress which should be avoided as only possible. Our company offers examinations in specially prepared rooms. But it is up to the client to decide where the test is to take place. If the decision is to conduct the examination away from our office then it is understandable that the costs of transport of the examiner and the equipment must also be paid for. That is why cases which require are long travel also prove to be more expensive.

Some companies in the UK offer much lower prices. This is connected with the fact, that the examiners hired in this kind of agencies are amateurs an do not have the appropriate training. All of our experts are highly trained, which gives you the guarantee, that the service you are receiving is at the highest level.

Each case brought to us is thoroughly analyzed and taken care of individually. After you come to us and show us your needs, we will carefully calculate the costs of the required procedures and present you with an individual offer prepared specially for you. We also have special offers for companies which decide to begin permanent cooperation with us.