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June 12, 2017 lie detector 0

To have the possibility of receiving precise and professional examination results, you have to be ready for certain costs needed for the test to take place. The cost of each polygraph test is established individually. The factors influencing the amount of money you will need to pay are manifold. These are matters such as : the complexity of the case presented, the amount of tests needed to be performed, the number of persons examined as well as the region of the United Kingdom in which the test is to take place. Companies and institutions which choose to closely cooperate with us are given a special offer for our polygraph tests. The cost of each examination is presented after a familiarisation with the details of the case. Each price also contains the cost of issuing a written test report.

When intending to buy a polygraph from us, the cost of such is established with each client individually and is dependent on the chosen model as well as the amount of pieces ordered. An individual price offer is sent to each client. For all of our services a VAT invoice is issued. Please contact your closest branch via our telephone number or by using the contact form.