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June 12, 2017 lie detector 0

The occurrences of theft or fraud in your company can not only cause financial losses to you and your co-workers but also is a reason for significant losses in team morale and leadership abilities. When confronted with theft or fraud in your household, the unity of your whole family comes into risk. This is why our polygraph test for company and family thefts and frauds may prove to be very helpful in finding out the truth and return to a certain level of trust. Our examination gives you the possibility to uncover the truth about your employees or family members but also on the other side gives you the possibility to defend yourself in the event if you were falsely accused. Our up-to-date equipment and professional examiners will help you identify the thieves and impostors in your company or family. But only discovering a theft or fraud is not the only matter you can benefit from. Apart from finding out the truth, a polygraph test gives you the ability to find and identify the motive hidden behind the suspect. Some thefts or frauds are a result of a high level of discontent in a workplace.

This not only leads to simple thefts but can also cause the occurrence of complex frauds capable of causing enormous setbacks to your firm. These consist of : forged documents, giving information to your competition or misuse of your company’s equipment. If properly discovered the motive of the suspects actions may reveal an important issue in your company, and will show you the right way to re-organising your company’s work in order to raise your teams morale and avoid situations of theft and fraud in the future. The same also refers to your family. Discovering the real motive of your relative allows you to make the right decisions to give your family a new life based on trust, giving you the work comfort you need. Our service also gives you the possibility of a full elimination of threat in your company. Workers which refer to stealing do not only risk their reputation and the reputation of your company but also risk the property of their co-workers. If not removed quickly enough, such offenders may cause other workers to join them in their frauds not only causing even bigger losses financially and in team morale but also misleading their colleagues from performing their basic assignments exceptionally well. A fast and effective ending of a fraud will save your company money and make sure that confidential information is safe.

When a fraud or theft scandal in your company begins everybody is a suspect. This is often a cause of false accusations, not always made intentionally. Performing our test and letting our experts examine your workers will help you establish who of your workers is worth trusting and who should leave their workplace as fast as possible. offers you a fully professional and discreet dealing with this kind of matter. Is your business located in Southampton, York, Leeds, Sheffield or Glasgow? Your locations does not make a difference for us. We will come to any location you need us at Please contact us for more information on how to deal with thefts and frauds in your company or family.