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Need help with a work situation or at home? We have a service that will separate honesty from the lies.

There are things we offer that our competitors don’t. Our examiners are specially trained to handle sensitive situations with compassion and sensitivity. They are fully accredited and trained to the highest standard. Our equipment is always up to date with cutting-edge technology, offering the most reliable and accurate service

Lie Detector Tests in London

Our professional service gives you answers quickly and accurately. Our lie detectors are proven to be accurate to 95-98%. Whether you book our commercial or private service, you will receive the most efficient, accurate and customer-focused lie detector service on the market. Our expert examiners are trained to deal with any problem that you need help with.

Over the years, we have helped clients solve problems in their private lives as well as business issues that need our services. We can help with any situation that you are faced with. All of our examiners are accredited and highly trained in both delivering polygraph tests and customer service. We have several years experience in the field so you can rest assured that our results will uncover the truth. You can be confident of the professionalism and accuracy of our service. We invest heavily in the most up-to-date equipment that is verified to be accurate up to 98%.


Locations & Prices

Our Lie Detector testing can be performed in London and surrounding areas including Bromley, Dartford, Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston upon Thames, Romford, Croydon, Leatherhead, Luton, Maidstone, Colchester.

Lie Detector Test London Office

Call our office: 0203 129 5594
To ensure the privacy of our Clients, no walk-in appointments are permitted.

Controlled Office #1
Address: 16 Ingram Court, Enfield, London EN1 1HR
Hours: Open today · 8am–11pm
Phone: 020 3129 5594

Controlled Office #2
Address: 22 Barnscroft, Raynes Park, London SW20 9LL
Hours: Open today · 8am–8pm
Phone: 020 3129 7074

With our competitive pricing, you get the very best for the best price possible. Call us anytime to discuss costs for your polygraph needs. What you can expect on your initial phone consultation with us:

  • We will answer any burning questions you have.
  • Tell us your story and together we decide what it is you really want accomplished with a polygraph test
  • We will explain how a polygraph test works, it’s benefits and limitations.
  • Together we decide if a polygraph test is really going to help.

If you have taken advantage of our free consultation, you will know what service you need. You will be glad to hear that our services our competitively priced and won’t break the bank. Our prices reflect the quality of service and value that you will receive. All of our cases are individually assessed for cost. Included in our quotes are:

  • The services of a professional, accredited examiner.
  • A detailed report outlining the results of the test
  • Complexity of the case – examiners will work with you to write questions that will get to the truth
  • The cost inclues the use of an office or other appropriate venue in a location agreed on by you.
  • Any price we quote will include VAT – there are no hidden, additional costs.

We encourage you at any time to give us a call and ask us questions specific to your situation. Contact us at anytime at 0203 129 5594 to discuss polygraph testing for your case.