The Ministry of Justice reported that Polygraph Testing and specifically the Lie Detector Test have been used In the interest of public safety to send back 160 sex offenders to prison. The results further justify the need for extending the current use in the United Kingdom to more areas of criminal investigation and on the basis of risk of re-offending.

Last year, it was publicised that they were being used by intelligence operatives for the purpose of interrogation to counter terrorism and the more recent publication further confirmed what we already know… which is that the test is an attribute which would could help to support better governance if administered with the correct etiquette as outlined and used by The American Polygraph Association.

The danger at present is the number of rogue polygraph examiners conducting tests on the basis of commercial gain without the necessary qualifications. You can use our link on the homepage to check the examiner your have selected or make a bookings via ourselves to make sure that you have qualified and experienced examiner conducting tests.

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