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June 12, 2017 lie detector 0 offers a possibility of using the means of a polygraph test in order to determine if a subject is guilty or not guilty of charges presented to him or her. But that is not the only application of our polygraph. The lie detector test has proven to also be helpful to people who plan to apply for a job in the so called “law enforcement professions”. It is very common that the recruitment process for such posts often consists of a “lie detector” test. For some this may be a source of serious anxiety but does not have to be, if the test is performed in the right way by appropriate professionals. The person tested will first complete a pre test questionnaire. After this, the actual polygraph testing will begin. The subject will be connected to a blood pressure measuring instrument which is part of the polygraph. The examiner will then be able to describe a certain base line of behaviour unique for each person examined.

The test will then continue with a series of yes/no questions, the answers of which are already known. The participant is also asked to intentionally lie to some of the questions- this gives the examiner the possibility to determine what the results of the measures are when the subject is lying and when he or she is not. After this stage is completed, the main part of the examination takes place in which the subject is asked about the matters concerning his or her past and the crimes that he or she or guilt of or not. The owns professional and up-to-date equipment which is used by professional and experienced examiners. Our tests will determine whether a certain crime has taken place and if the person tested is responsible for it. We can also offer a series of tests for companies which use the “lie detector” test in order to screen the past of the persons they are interested in hiring. Our polygraph examination may also prove to be helpful in situations of false accusations- the results of our test may be used as partial evidence on the way to proving somebody’s innocence.

A polygraph test performed privately may be used to prepare the subject for a situation when he or she will have to face taking the test under pressure and serious circumstances. Our services are not only offered in Britain’s biggest cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester but also in smaller locations. Wherever you need us to appear, we will be there. Please contact us in order to receive more information about our polygraph crime testing.