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Pre-employment polygraph test

June 12, 2017 lie detector 0

The aim of each recruitment process is to find and hire the most responsible, competent and appropriate person for the offered post. The amounts of methods that employers use to determine which candidate is the person they need are enormous. In today’s world one of the most common ways of screening your future worker is to use Social Media. But in many cases this may not be enough. That is why offers a comprehensive pre-employment polygraph test, allowing you to fully screen your future worker and be absolutely sure that your chosen candidate is the best of all.

By performing a polygraph test you give yourself the possibility to discover different behavioural traits that do not always have to be positive. For example an impetuous person with an aggressive personality may prove to be a very serious threat not only to the other co-workers but can also be an enormous risk for the company’s whole work culture. Such behaviour may not be discovered through a normal job interview, but can reveal itself in an event when he or she is faced with a stressful or aggravating situation. A lie detector exam can reveal these hidden features and show you the real background of the person you want to hire. If there was ever a situation in which your company would be faced with a court trial concerning the behaviour of one of your workers, just the fact that your employees underwent polygraph testing as part of a company screening process, may save you and your company from extremely troublesome fines or legal action.

Companies often choose to skip a thorough background exam of their future employees. The risk they take is of course fully dependant on their management. But it is extremely important that your company is aware of the risks present among your staff. Performing a detailed polygraph test allows you to keep a special eye on workers which may prove to be troublesome. Another aspect which should be taken into account is the fact, that thanks to our pre-employment test you will be able to dramatically reduce the turnover of employees in your firm. If your screening process is enriched with a comprehensive and professional polygraph test, you have a bigger chance of make the good decision, which leads to you having to let go less and less hiring mistakes.

Thanks to our up-to-date equipment combined with our professional and experienced examiners we can also help you find any signs of substance abuse of your candidate employee. The usage of drugs or any other substance can cause your worker to be violent, unproductive or have attitudinal issues. In some companies involved in specialised trades, a worker with a substance abuse problem can appear to have an extremely negative influence on the whole company. This is why our test is so extremely important. It is worth taking the additional step to absolutely make sure that the person you are about to let on-board of your company is trustworthy and not a serious threat to you, your firm or any other employee. Our services give you this possibility and give you the comfort of working and leading your recruitment processes to find the best possible candidates. Please contact us for additional information about our pre-employment polygraph tests. Our branches are located in Britain’s biggest cities such as London, Manchester, Newcastle and many many more.