After a sexual offence has taken place, the most important aim is to provide care and support to all victims and ensure that the person responsible faces the appropriate sentence. For sexual offenders, the time spent behind bars is meant to change their behaviour and prepare them to re-enter the society with a new state of mind. It is important that a person ending their time in prison returns to a normal life without the public taking a risk that he or she will repeat their crime and cause pain to their previous and new victims. offers the possibility of performing polygraph tests on sexual offenders during and after probation. This method has helped many authorities to determine whether the person ending their sentence has transformed into a better person or not. Our sexual offence polygraph testing ensures that only convicts that have passed their test will be given the possibility to walk free. Along with local authorities, examiners and therapists, our test can ensure that the freed sexual offenders comply with the terms, rules and probation without the risk of re-offending anyone in the future. There is nothing more disturbing than knowing, that somewhere in your environment, there is someone who is a serious threat to your safety and the safety of your family and relatives. That is why our test is so important. Testing a convict in order to determine whether he or she is capable of repeating the crime helps the authorities to lower re-offending levels.

The sexual offence polygraph test allows us to truly determine the fact whether the tested convict has truly changed or not. But this is still not everything that we are able to offer. During trial some convicts choose to admit to committing crimes only presented by the police evidence. This gives them the possibility to hide many other crimes, which at the end of the day will not receive the appropriate punishment. This is especially harmful to the victims as their pain will never face justice. Our services give the examiners the possibility to attain new information from the convict. This can involve the actual number of victims or other harmful actions that the convict has taken part in. After being sentenced, sexual offenders spend their time in prison under very close observation. Dedicated teams determine whether the convict is undergoing changes, and whether he or she is ready to return to a normal life after a thorough change for the better.

A polygraph test may be used at the end of such a process as additional evidence to prove that the person examined has truly changed or not. Some sexual offenders tend to have a unique behaviour that works as a trigger to commit new crimes. Along with the polygraph test, examiners are able to gain additional information about the examined convict which can lead to identifying these actions. This can be especially helpful in the process of probation. The test can also reveal other risks, to which the public may be exposed to and gives the possibility of tackling this matter before a tragedy takes place. Please contact us for more information about sexual offender polygraph testing.

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