Providing excellence through strict code of conduct and helping to regulate the standard of commercial lie detector tests across the United Kingdom

We now take bookings for private and business lie detector tests.

Accredited Examiners

Our services are delivered by APA & BPS Accredited Examiners who have carried out rigorous training at the world renowned accredited polygraph schools.


We always provide you with fully verified reports to substantiate our findings. Reports are always checked and verified by a second examiner so that you have a complete qualified opinion.

Case by Case Analysis

Every scenario is different and an in-depth analysis is required before drawing conclusions. Utilising all of the collated information and following a professional methodology.


Our advanced polygraph test is accurate and professional. Our experienced examiners test the psychological signals with our state-of-the-art equipment measuring the physical signs.

Lie Detector UK

Professional Lie Detector Test

We provide the highest standard of truth verification and lie detection services

Lie Detector Test UK Services


Nationwide Polygraph Test coverage through Accredited Examiners specialising in private cases from Infidelity, Theft to False Accusations and Sex Offence Testing.

We specialise in polygraph tests for all types of relationships where honesty and integrity have become an issue. Often there is no real physical evidence and no witnesses to confirm your suspicions or to clear your name. In these circumstances, only the neutrality of science behind the polygraph will obtain the answers that are unobtainable from regular methods of inquiry

We can provide you with the truth and facts regarding incidents of theft with family, roommates, friends or associates. Liedetector UK utilizes brand new state-of-the-art computerized polygraph systems to conduct examinations for incidents of monetary theft, theft of jewelry and or theft of any items of value. All tests are constructed around your specific requests


Our relationship specific test is ideal to resolve accusations of cheating, adultery or to prove or disprove sexual contact

Marriage breakdowns

Historical Issues can be tested and where there is an underlying problem we can help as an alternative to marriage counselling.

Private and business theft

Our single or multiple private theft test can be used to resolve theft in a household, amongst friends or small/medium business or enterprise.

Employee Fraud

As an employer it is important to resolve fraud accusations in confidence without damage to public image.

Dispute resolution

n a business partnership or employer/employee relationship we can help to decipher and verify truth and assess credibility

Family and business disputes

In a your word against another we can test and resolve.

We are the most affordable and consistent Lie Detector Test provider in the UK marketplace. The tests are delivered to the highest quality and with the utmost respect for our clients. We take care in each individual detail to make sure the experience is one which helps to support a solution and not increase or further any anxiety or other relationship stress related issues which may already be affecting you.

Our examiners follow a strict moral and ethical code, ensuring each test is conducted with the up most professionalism and integrity in total confidence. Each examination is subject to robust quality control measures, ensuring the most accurate result. Our team of examiners are accredited with the leading respected associations in both the UK and the USA. We pride ourselves on making sure we are using the most up-to-date equipment, procedure and in touch with any industry news which could benefit the testing process for our clients.

Lie Detector UK conducts polygraph examinations according to strict standards and methods as approved and accepted by the American Polygraph Association.

Due to established laws, there is a strict limit of up to 3 relevant test questions that may be established by the client for each polygraph examination.

Each Lie Detector /Polygraph/ test is always customized per the client’s needs and requests.

All examinations are administered professionally in strict confidentiality ensuring complete privacy.​


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Book your Lie Detector Test today at one of Lie Detector Test UK offices and get the private experience you need to get back to a positive life. Call 0800 368 8277 (8am to 8pm) for ad hoc advice or any queries. Lie Detector Test UK will always schedule the date and time with you over the phone so you can be sure you are dealing with a reputable company and experts in the polygraph field.

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Phone: 0800 368 8277

We provide polygraph lie detection services across the whole of the UK.

We work directly with our examiners who are all accredited and experienced. We are professional experts not an agency.

We are strictly confidential so please provide as much relevant information as possible and we will do our best to assist you. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 2 hours of receiving.

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Testing Locatons

We can provide private lie detector tests by professionally qualified examiners at discreet private office locations across the UK through our pre-mapped network of suitable nationwide locations.

Areas covered across the United Kingdon
This list below is not exhaustive but outlines the areas most frequently visited by the professional examiners. For Scotland and certain remote locations there is an additional charge based on travel and expenses. The offices which we conduct the tests near to a client are based on previous use and verified as being suitable. In most cases there are suitable rooms available within 10 miles of UK mainland addresses.

In some certain circumstances where there is not a suitable venue, we may discuss with the client various locations within their vicinity and make a decision based on the contributing factors to conduct the test professionally.

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