About Us

All our examiners have graduated from courses approved by leading professional polygraph organisations in the world. We carry out annual internal checks of their education progress and professional development. 

Qualified Examiners

Human detection is fundamental and underlines the importance of the test being conducted by a qualified and experienced examiner.


Case by Case Analysis

Every scenario is different and an in-depth analysis is required before drawing conclusions. Utilising all of the collated information and following a professional methodology.


Physiological Metrics

The latest technical instruments measure many bio metrics e.g perspiration, heat rate and breathing patterns

About Us

Lie Detector UK Examiners conduct private and business polygraph tests at discreet locations in a strictly confidential manner. The ethos behind our operation is to treat Clients with respect and help them in times of distress to source a polygraph test as a solution if it is viable for them. In our experience, we found there were many inconsistencies in the information online and this is often further confused with showbiz spin showing Lie detection not always in a professional light. The industry is professional and has been assisting people in the UK for private matters for over 30 years. We are born out of the belief that we don’t feel that people’s private lives should be shone into the public eye and that there should be suitable provisions available for private tests where people can maintain their dignity and still make use of the service. Lie Detection services that we provide are strictly private and confdential and we will never judge our clients on the reasons or details of their test. It is our job to be objective and empathetic to the personal circumstances of our clients. We aim to assist so that they can move on with their lives in which ever shape or form they choose.

We are the most affordable and consistent Lie Detector Test provider in the UK marketplace. The tests are delivered to the highest quality and with the utmost respect for our clients. We take care in each individual detail to make sure the experience is one which helps to support a solution and not increase or further any anxiety or other relationship stress related issues which may already be affecting you.

Our Process

Each person has their own distinct characteristics and persona and therefore we base our approach on two main areas of analysis.

Polygraph Examination: The physiological signs of deception are measured using various technological instruments which monitor bodily responses to proposed questions. e.g. breathing, sweat, eye movement.

Psychometric Examination: Our examiners are vastly experienced in the field of forensic psychology and the skill of the examiner in determining and detecting the deception are paramount.ccf

The actual test itself should take no more than 60-90 minutes. However, as with any good clinical practise there is extensive preparation required to safeguard the examiner/test person and provision for all of the variables before the test is conducted.

​​Our end to end process is client focused and the test environment, customer care and highest level of accuracy in Lie Detector Tests is at the forefront of our approach. Through these core principles and the use of accredited and seasoned examiners we are able to deliver the highest level of accuracy as quoted by the APA of 95-98%. We are focused on detecting deception and verifying the truth in all circumstances where testing is suitable.

Our Code of Practice

  • Each polygraph report we deliver is an unbiased and impartial account of data gathered during the examination.
  • Prior to the examination the examiner will allow as much time as is necessary to ensure that the examinee, and any third party involved, is satisfied with the examiner’s understanding of the case and the prepared list of questions.
  • Following the examination the examiner will allow as long as is necessary for any questions, doubts or reservations that the examinee and any third party involved may have regarding the report and the examination procedure itself.
  • Unless relevant to the case, the examiner will not enquire of the examinee any information regarding their occupation or their religion, political persuasion or race.
  • The examiner will hold and handle any information regarding the circumstances of each case in highest confidentiality.
  • The examiner will refuse to carry out the test if they suspect that it is being used for unlawful purposes.
  • Any attempt through bribery or other means to influence the examiner with the intent of undermining the credibility of the outcome of the test will result in the test being annulled without refund. Any third party involved in the testing or booking process will be informed of any such circumstances.

Our Examiners

Our examiners follow a strict moral and ethical code, ensuring each test is conducted with the up most professionalism and integrity in total confidence. Each examination is subject to robust quality control measures, ensuring the most accurate result.

Our Examiners

  • Have graduated from courses approved by the American Polygraph Association – the leading professional polygraph organisation in the world;
  • Continuously update their accreditations and qualifications;
  • Undergo annual internal checks of their education progress and professional development;
  • Regularly cross-test each other, checking fellow examiners’ skills, knowledge and professional competence;
  • Undergo CRB and regular background checks;
  • Use the most modern and regularly upgraded equipment available on the market;
  • Are well aware of the latest advances in lie detection technology;
  • Have excellent communication and analytical skills;
  • Have the ability to handle confrontations calmly yet firmly;
  • Are trustworthy and will hold and handle any information regarding your situation in highest confidentiality;
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